A large collection of sex dolls under 140cm

Do you prefer life-size sex dolls or smaller sizes? If you like sex dolls in smaller sizes, there are more choices in the large collection of sex dolls under 140cm.

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unique charm

Mini, cute, delicate – these are the words to describe the 140cm sex doll. Both in height and features, these tiny dolls have a unique charm.

Their height does not exceed 140cm, so they are classified as mini dolls. Their small size makes them easier to carry, so you can take them with you wherever you go and build a close partnership with them.

These dolls have exquisite and cute designs that attract people’s attention. They may have large eyes, full hair, slender arms and legs, giving them a small but cute appearance. Well-designed clothing and accessories make them look more lively and interesting, making it easier for children to relate emotionally to them.